#2012 Archives


As I look back on these earlier photos, I noticed I am running out of storage space and I need to compress stuffs, lol! Seriously, I realized that I was not that bad as a neophyte – conceited :p… Although I didn’t have much resources and I don’t have designer clothes like most fashion bloggers have, I did manage to run my own show for years. Ahhh! The power of passion, do you agree?

The storage space I mentioned is partially true, I might be kidding around when I wrote that but honestly, that’s the main reason for this post. So let’s wrap up these 2012 looks now…

School Girl


Top – Cotton On 

Skirt – 888 

Boots – MY 

Bag – Parisian

Owle Ole


Top – Vintage 

Shorts – Bench

 Necklace – Forever21

Sandals – Parkmall



Top – Coco Cabana

Skirt – Coco Cabana

Shoes – MY

Bag – Parisian

Orange and Lemons


Top – Vintage

Shorts – Forever 21

Shoes – SoFab

Pink October


Dress- Thrifted

Shoes – Payless Shoesource

Bag – Parisian

Sunnies – Vintage

Primrose Rupture


Dress – Tabo Sa Banay

Shoes – Shubizz

Bag – Parisian

Pastel Rainbows


Dress- Coco Cabana

Shoes – Thrifted

Finding My Spot

sss ssssss

Top – Vintage

Skorts – Vintage

Shoes – SoFab


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