Cotton Candy

We made it through the End of the World (according to Mayan Calendar)! We made it through another year! Happy New Year everybody! At least belated – Happy New Year…  New Hopes, New Dreams… What else? Never mind the New Year’s Resolution.

So what’s in your bucket list this year? Mine would be a bucket full of cotton candies all year round! Picture out the place of Sugar Rush mixed with California Girl Music Video World. So I decided to meet Year 2013 with a cotton candy ensemble! So my legendary pink peplum skirt is out of the closet again, paired with my vintage baby blue racer back top from Coco Cabana, and a matchy matchy baby blue belt and accesories. And of course, to complete the cotton candy inspired look is my overused thrifted heels! This makes an all- repeat performance outfits mixed and matched! Not bad right?

Well, well… May you have a cotton candy year 2013! Let us all look forward to a sugar coated life amidst the rocky roads along the way!



Top – Coco Cabana / Skirt – 168 / Heels – thrifted / Bracelet – 168 / Earrings – gift

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