Flower Power

It’s the second weekend of the year and yet another blogging moment for me! So here I am, parading my floral short suit which I don’t usually wear together. On casual days, I pair the shorts with a plain shirt or simple tank tops. At work, I wear the blazer and pair it with almost any kind of top I have in my closet and I can create different looks with this piece!

So I’m on beige ensemble today, from my autumn floral suit, to my beige pump shoes and my lovely (yes I patronize my stuffs! -?!) square bag. The amazing thing about this suit is that I bought them separately! Yup! I first bought the blazer in a budget mall and a few weeks later, I went to Planet Exhange in SM and found the shorts! I grabbed it right away without checking the price! You can’t tell that the shorts is twice higher than the price of the blazer right?

Anyway, enjoy the feast of autumn florals on this look!



Blazer – APM Mall / Shorts – Planet Exhange / Shoes – Shoe Center / Bag – 168 / Necklace – handcrafted (DIY) / Watch – gift from guest

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