Black Interval

Howdy? It was quite a rainy week right? It makes me lazy to wake up and dress up for these shoots, and of course, for work. We don’t have office uniforms so everyday is like a fashion show day that sometimes I just don’t care a cent really as to what I wear.  Anyway, during cold moments I love to wear something black because it kinda keeps me warm, or maybe it’s psychological… Whatever =)

I was thinking of dressing up last Valentines Day and post it today, unfortunately, my date was at work until 10pm, so I was stuck at home dreaming of a candle lit dinner that never happened. Well, guess I’m stuck with this Black and White ensemble today!






Hat – Accessorize / Jacket- thrifted / Dress – thrifted / Shoes – Venus Footwear / Bag – sister’s

5 thoughts on “Black Interval

  1. it’s true that ‘black makes you feel warmer’ is a psychological thing , just as in the summer bright colors keep you .. fresh 🙂 i loove the dress , and it looks great with the jacket 😀

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