Black Out for Mother Earth

It’s Earth Day!  So to all my readers out there who love Mother Earth, let’s show our support by switching off the lights from 8:30pm to 9:30pm tonight. 60 minutes of darkness could mean 60 years of light for Mother Earth, so let’s all get involved.

Well I’m totally involved right now, as you can see… I’m on a black out mode from my top, my skirt, my shades, my bag, to my heels! I know my outfit doesn’t do much to Mother Earth, heck! It’s my way to show my all out support for today’s celebration.

So, I’m stuck in this roof parking lot wearing a backless dress (yes, this is backless all the way to the hips and I am so shy to show it to the camera). I made it into a top and put a thrifted pleated skirt over it, and finished the look with a belt. This look doesn’t cost me much, the top was given to me by my cousin, and the bag from my sister. Any more generosity out there? =)




Don’t forget to switch off your lights tonight!  Let’s all take care of Mother Earth because this is the only place we’ve got!

Top – cousin’s gift / Skirt – Thrifted / Shoes – S & H / Bag – sister’s gift / Shades – APM Mall

9 thoughts on “Black Out for Mother Earth

  1. I already forgot about today , thanks for reminding me ! I will definitely get involved .I think we should do such things more often , not just one day per year .
    As for the outfit , I love it ! The top is very nice and it looks great on you !

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