I am feeling a little rebellious today, dead tired, frustrated, but blessed in some way. Lately I was working early in the morning ’til late night, I just went home to get 5 hours of sleep or so. Well, now it’s time to get away from work and fly away to the other galaxy! So what other way to show that I wanted to disappear from earth than to don a galaxy skirt like what I’m wearing today?  So the theme for today is somewhat “ethereal”. Something that would fool me that I am out of this world! Isn’t it cool how fashion allows us to express our heart out?

I know it’s so summer this time of the year, but hey! For the past 2 days, it was sunny morning – rainy afternoon trend. You just can’t predict the weather here, so don’t wonder why I’m so wrap up this sunny season. Anyway, wrapping me this morning is my thrifted biker jacket over my black top, my intergalactic skirt, and some complimentary accessories. Well, if it gets too hot today, I just have to remove my jacket and my stockings and I’m still good right?





Biker Jacket – Thrifted / Top – Closet Collection / Skirt – APM / Shoes – Vintage / Necklace – 168 / HatAccessorize

5 thoughts on “Etherial

  1. my favourite outfit so far ! I’ve been looking for a galaxy skirt or dress for a long time and yet haven’t found one 🙂 the whole outfit looks great on you ! have a nice day 🙂

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