Cut It Out

Yesterday, I wore this skirt at work paired with a stereotype top and, well, everybody reacted… I know I know, this is sooo “not-corporate” type of skirt, but at times, I get a little crazy you know, like I want to break some rules. But I ended up flaunting my outfit at the mall by the afternoon, we were one of the exhibitors of the annual wedding fair in the city, so I was there for “presence” sake. By then, I didn’t feel any weird at all with my skirt because the exhibitor next to our booth is a lot weirder than me with her green and purple boy cut hair and over- distressed studded shorts paired with brown ankle boots in such a sunny summer day. Oh heck! I am discussing other people’s outfit instead of this weird cut out skirt I am wearing today!

So let’s start from the top… Well… I got my sunnies from Pacific Blue in SM, this is actually my first round sunnies and I am beginning to like it! Going down is another accessory- my skull necklace which is very shy to show itself and prefers to hide on these photos most of the time. Try checking other photos though except from the one above and this below, you can see this necklace got no choice but to face front.



Sunnies – Pacific Blue / Necklace – Gaisano City / Shirt – Five G / Skirt – FS / Boots – Venus Wear / Wristband – Vintage

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