Tea Time

Yes this place is a tea house. Pretty cozy right? Anyway, I went back to my home place with my hubby last week and hang out with my family in any way possible within my 3 days break. So here’s myself, chilling with my hubby and my sissy with her beau in this little tea house on a very hot Saturday afternoon. My hubby got a little tutorial as well on the basics of Nikon D3100 courtesy of my sissy’s beau, that was after my hubby took these photos. So these pictures might look a little blurry, but at least I explained myself beforehand… Haha!

I hope they’re not gonna kill me for stepping on their chair! Anyway, my tea time look is composed of a thrifted blazer, thrifted top (again), vintage shorts, my sissy’s watch, and the premiere look of my vintage blue shoes. Tea time is not complete without a tea, so I had my blueberry fruit tea to complete my day! Urgh! I’m craving for a milk tea again!



Top – Thrifted / Shorts- Vintage / Belt – SM Accessories / Blazer – Thrifted / Watch – sister’s (Swiss) / Shoes – Behen

4 thoughts on “Tea Time

  1. i love tea houses , i think they’re the best place to go . this one reminds me of home , looks so comfortable and .. lazy . you outfit is also amazing , i love the way you mixed these coloures . and the shoes are also very cute . a woman can’t have enough pair of shoes , haha :))

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