You can never go wrong with black and white, to qoute Andreea, one of my favorite bloggers, and I definitely agree with her! So what other way to show that I second the motion than to show off black and white ensemble today? Haha! Seriously, when you speak of corporate look, there are only 2 colors that would best describe it: black and white.

Actually they say, when in doubt, wear red. That is not always true for me… I am rather comfortable with black and white. The combo is just classic! So today, I am in my comfort zone with this Oxygen Top paired with my all time favorite thrifted pants, this pair of winning pumps from Payless, a Celine satchel bag from my sister, and my round sun glasses again…

Now I’m ready for a business meeting =)


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Top – Oxygen / Pants – Thrifted / Bag – Celine / Sunnies – Pacific Blue / Shoes – Brash (Payless)

2 thoughts on “Classic

  1. hmm , speaking about red , red is one of my fav colours . and I agree with the idea ‘when in doubt , wear red’ , but still .. you just can’t go wrong with black & white .. red , in my opinion is for a fomal event , like a company party , somewhere where everyone is dressed elegant ; while black & white is .. well , you can wear b&w at a picnic , at the office , at shopping , at a formal event , practically anywhere . and about the outfit , i simply love it . it’s simple , elegant , I don’t know .. it fits you very well 🙂

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