Meteor Crash

Recycle Day! Nope! Not the thing about scrap from trash to cash, in my case, that would be recycling vintage items for mix and match! So here’s a repeat look from two different previous posts I had, my peplum top again (previously paired with my floral shorts in my peplum potion post) + my etherial skirt which had its premiere in my etherial post = Meteor Crash. Well, never mind my equation…

So, where do I start to explain this Meteor Crash thingy? Place? I got these shots in Central Walk Bacolod. Top? I passed by a small botique in the downtown few months ago and found this one (I think I already discussed it from my previous post.. oh well!). Skirt? Well, I have this while I was still in Cebu. Shoes? Oh my legendary boots! Bag? I grabbed it from the mall nearest to my place. Sunnies? From Pacific Blue; I prefer cat eye glasses, but I think round sunnies are cool too!

The warm weather makes me wish beach is just meters away! Well anyway, take a look of my meteor crash look and forget about the beach!

1 53 4  6 7 8 9

 Top – Plaza Mart / Skirt – APM / Shoes – Venus Footwear / Bag – Gaisano
Shades – Pacific Blue

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