Denim Day

Wayback 1990’s, when you wear an all denim outfit, you look soooo not- cool in an old fashion way, right? Reminds me of some 1950’s movie of some geek and weirdo characters or construction workers for male version. Fortunately, at this period of time, there are no more fashion rules (okay, maybe there are some left, but who cares?!) and everything is on mix and match basis. Doesn’t even matter if your thin or fat, or white or black, all colors and styles can be worn by any race on any body size, just as long as you feel beautiful with what you’re wearing.

I would have wanted to wear a double denim outfit today but my closet doesn’t have any denim top and my pocket refused to give out a little cash in this  crisis period, so I settled with my studded top which is like some cotton version for denim, paired with my Crissa ripped jeans. This time, I’m back to cat- eye glasses with this fabulous sunnies I got from Celine.

82 3  7 11 9 10


     Top – 888 / Pants – Crissa / Shades – Celine / Bag – Gaisano / Shoes – Vintage / Watch – Stradivarius

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