So let’s get feminine this time! I know there’s no such term as “earthenwear”, only “earthenware”, well, don’t argue with my personal dictionary… Haha! Anyway, today I slipped into this pretty chiffon dress which I got from the thrift store in the downtown area. This dress doesn’t look so fascinating when hung in the corner, but I guess I was lucky to buy it because it brings out the delicate side of me (uhm…!) I have always loved earth tone colors because they camouflage you in the crowd when you reached that moment of wanting to be just “nobody”.

Completing my look is my younger sister’s fabolous “So Fab” shoes and my sister’s (again) Celine Bag. I don’t know, but it seems like my sister buys things that matches my personal taste! Anyway, thanks to older sissy for taking these wonderful photos! Don’t you just love how supportive my sisters are? =)



  3 46 7 8 9 10


Dress – Thrifted /   Bag – Celine /   Shoes – So Fab /   Belt – DKNY   Bracelet – Metro Ayala

4 thoughts on “Earthenwear

  1. i looove nude colors !! 😀 the dress is adorable and it looks great on you . i think it’s pretty awesome when you have sisters to borrow you clothes and stuff , haha

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