Bloom Like A Flower

When I found myself in the dark side of life, God (not Rihanna) reminds me to “shine like a diamond.” And when I caught myself in the midst of the storm, He reminds me to “bloom like a flower.” Hope this simple words help you with whatever struggles you might have right now. Anyway, it’s the start of the rainy season here in my place, I’m not sure if it’s just some sort of tropical depression or what because weather report is something that I skip on the news. So flowers are starting to bloom not just in our front yard but also in my closet. Yup! Vintage floral outfits I had last year were trying to catch my attention, so here they are, out and blooming!

Mixing floral outfit is not really new to this blog, I had a post last year about flowers over flowers outfit but I guess it didn’t work that well because my skirt was somewhat tacky. So this is my second attempt, and personally I like this better than the first one although I am using the same top.

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       Top – Mystic Princess / Skirt – Coco Cabana / Shoes – S & H / Bag – Gaisano / Cap – Accessorize / Belt – Metro Mall

3 thoughts on “Bloom Like A Flower

  1. at first I thought it was a dress 😀 usually I’m afraid of mixing 2 floral prints and I don’t know how you did it , but it looks great ! 🙂 good job !

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