4th Of July

No, this is not an inspired look from “Man of Steel”, just in case you missed to read the title… =)

I used to be one of the top students in History (at least that’s what I think I was), but I have no good memory… Anyway, 4th of July was when the Filipinos gained freedom from our American colonizers hundreds of years ago. But we don’t celebrate it as much as Americans do, I guess 4th of July is their Freedom Day against whoever their colonizer was, and it must be a big victory for them. Okay, I get it, I’m a lousy History teacher =)

I didn’t really intend to make a fashion fuss about it until I saw my husband’s T- shirt with an American flag. I felt a light bulb over my head so I grabbed his shirt and put on my blue lace short suit over it! Doesn’t even look like a men’s shirt, right? This was like a “nothing- but- your- t shirt- on” look without this suit but I guess the blazer did all the wonder!

2 3 4 51 6

9    10

Short Suit – Gaisano / Shoes – MY / Shirt – Faded Glory / Sunglasses – Lost and Found

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