Catching The Sun

In the last few weeks I can barely take photos of what I was wearing because it either rain or was about to rain and the atmosphere went all so gloomy. And then my D3100 broke last week, and the sun starts to shine so bright I hate every moment of it that I missed!

It frustrates me to think I spent years of saving for this camera and in less than a year, it gave up just like that! Makes me feel like I have to stop blogging. Dunno though, photos, fashion, shopping – those things make me happy, but spending another thousands of bucks for a new camera is a serious thing to consider.

Anyway, this is one of my photos on file which is one of my favorites because it’s casual, and, well, so natural. We shoot this in a place where only me and my husband is around and I am loving the sun that strikes my skin! I got these photos a month ago, that was before rain took the throne. Do check out my photos below and tell me if you’re loving it like I do… =)

 2 3 4


5 6 911 10

       Top – Gaisano  Shorts – Vintage  Sneakers – Faux Converse / Necklace – Gaisano  Sunglasses – Pacific Blue

2 thoughts on “Catching The Sun

  1. Don’t you even consider ending this blog ! And trust me , if this make you happy , then keep doing it , because when you love something you’ll find time for anything . Been there , done that ! haha . Anyway , about the camera , I’d suggest you to take some photos with your phone . Especially if you have a SmartPhone . And about the outfit , I love it . I wanted to buy a pair of converse just like yours for a long time now but everytime I wanted to buy them there was either something else , either I didn’t have enough money , haha .

    1. thanks for the support andreea… appreciate it… I just called nikon service center today and told me to buy a new one because repairing it would cost as much… heck! my phone has really pixelated photos….

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