3rd week without my DSLR makes me so desperate! Nikon Service Center suggested that I would buy a new one because the repair would cost as much, imagine how much it’s gonna fracture my shopping budget!

Anyway, I still have some photos left on file to keep the traffic on my blog this week. As you have previously read and discovered in my posts, I am fond of blue and green combo which I call my “default” combo. I can’t get enough of this combo, so now I’m into it again… Pairing my shoulder cut out top with this royal blue skirt I got from the Thrift Store, I tried to pull off an Aquamarine look in this empty parking lot. Completing my look is my sister’s white jacket which I didn’t wore because it looks more of a chef’s uniform than a jacket, her (again) Nine West Bag with only a lipstick and a wallet inside that’s why it looked rather empty, and my nude heels.


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Top – Gaisano / Skirt – Thrifted / Shoes – Vintage / Bag – Nine West / Jacket – Vintage / Belt – SM Accessories

2 thoughts on “Aquamarine

  1. The colour of the bag is absolutely gorgeous !
    I’m sorry to hear that your camera still isn’t working . You should consider writing some posts about fashion with photos taken from the internet (pinterest , weheartit , and so on) until you can get another camera or repair the one you have .
    Good luck with it , anyways 🙂

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