Hey Biker!

I felt so bloated today like I have a very big tummy after I miserly feast upon a can of rocky road ice cream thinking it might rain anytime and won’t be able to take photos with my new dslr. Luckily, the sun was quite generous to give me few minutes of sunshine before it poured so ravagely. Well, as you can see, some of my photos show some wet grounds, and most of them show signs of biggg tummy! Haha!

So… Since cropped tops are trending this time, might as well go with the cropped craze! Here’s my cropped thrifted biker jacket still looking brand new, paired with my graphic skirt and my legendary ankle boots. Yes I mentioned from my previous blog that today I will be wearing another tribal print from my closet, so here it is… Playing it simple and dark, I complimented it with my Penshoppe hat. And who would think those fringes in my forehead are fake? I know right?! It’s one big fake wig and I like it!


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Jacket – Salad / Skirt – SK Fashion / Boots – Venus Wear / Hat – Penshoppe / Sunnies – Pacific Blue

8 thoughts on “Hey Biker!

  1. This outfit is just awesome . I love the biker style , I love leather jacket and I love these kind of hats . It’s so feminine and bitchy . Reminds me of Meghan Fox . Love it , anyway ❤
    Aaaand , the wig , or whatever you have on your head , looks really nice on you !

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