The Skater Trend

 One of the dillemas about fashion blogging is the weather. For someone like me who does not have a pro camera, I have to have my photos shot under the sun to make the quality of the photos better. Lately though, series of storm has hit us and flooded the northern part I could barely go out and feel the warmth of the sun.

So anyway, while it’s drizzling outside, me and my hubby were taking refuge in these huge pillars of the Local Government Building with this thrifted skater skirt. They say skater skirt is a staple in every woman’s closet nowadays., so now you know why I have one =) Seriously, I love skater skirts because it’s not tight and uncomfortable to wear, unless you’re in an open field with strong winds. For this look, I decided to pair it with my neutral top with a detachable Peter Pan Collar (yes it is detachable and you will realize it if you look closely). If you also noticed, I switched my bag from black to white because my husband didn’t like the combo with the black bag. He does not shoot if he doesn’t like the outfit, sometimes he does, but I have to do him a huge favor like using my credit card for his online games. Now isn’t it disturbingly sweet? I know right?!


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Top – Liberte / Skirt – Cotton On / Heels – Sensini Chaussures / Bag – 888 (White) and Accessorize (Black) / Belt – Gaisano

7 thoughts on “The Skater Trend

  1. the outfit is absolutely gorgeous . I love skater skirts and these Peter Pan stuff .
    Besides the gorgeous outfit , your husband sounds like a great guy . The kind of guy every girl dreams of , haha . I’m really happy for you ! You seem to have a great marriage 🙂

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