Let’s skip autumn for today’s look and enjoy a white crochet sweater from H & M for a winter- like weather. It’s so cold the past few days and the wind blew like there’s some sort of Independence Day going on and the feeling of wanting to go out and go shopping but  you’re more comfortable staying at home with the storm outside that you’re thinking of quitting your job because the weather makes you all so lazy.. haha! When I”m alone in the house and outside looks so gloomy, a lot of things comes up to my mind, crazy stuffs you know…

Anyway, crazy prints are all around the streets right now – from tribal prints, graphic drawings, any prints that one could think of, including the comeback of these harlequin bold prints in black and white. My husband just loves this kind of pants because it creates an illusion that I am taller and leaner and long- legged that I actually am. But I don’t usually wear these kind of prints during my casual days because it’s too bold for me to handle, unless I want some attention while on the streets which is not usually the case, ahem! =)


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Top – H & M / Pants – Kosas Botique / Boots – Venus / Bag – Vintage / Hat – Penshoppe / Sunnies – Pacific Blue

5 thoughts on “Harlequin

  1. I’m not sure if I love this outfit because it fits my style or because it fits you perfectly! 🙂 anyway, awesome idea. I stick with my rule, ‘ can’t go wrong with black&white ‘ 🙂


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