Autumn Fields

Couple of weeks ago I skipped autumn and posted a winter- like look… Typhoon Usagi made me do it! But I do remember autumn and I do appreciate the golden vibes of the season though you know for a fact that my dear country doesn’t have autumn and winter going on. So here’s my fashion ode to “Fall”ย  taken in the old airport of Bacolod with all those grasses that are so cooperative by we took these shots.

For our fall- inspired outfit, I used my vintage turtle neck pleated top, a thrifted skater skirt matched with my Forever 21 belt, a white choker and a clutch, and a faux “Michael Kors” watch. I’ve got a new paid of shoes today! Thanks to my generous guest who sponsored a few gift certificates for me so I can go shopping things I don’t really need! =)



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Top – Ou Yu / Skirt – Thrifted / Shoes – Chelsea / Bag – Kosas / Necklace – Gaisano / Watch – 888

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