Origami En Noviembre

The strongest typhoon of the year just landed in our place yesterday, guess I was lucky to have these shots taken few days ago while Mr. Sunshine was still up and shining. So what happened yesterday in my place? No electricity, no internet connection, malls and restaurants closed, and everybody’s flocking to the hotel including me.

Anway, it’s Novemberrrr! Did you had a long vacay last week after a parade of holidays? You know, Elections Day, All Saints and All Souls Day, Negros Day…  Speaking of All Soul’s Day, last week I badly wanted to post something halloween- related, so we did some few shots of me as a “broken doll” with my hubby . But as you noticed, I was on no- show last week which only means one thing, my halloween shots are epic fail! =( So I’m done with being scary or being fancy! Bitter huh? Haha! Anyway, for today, I opted to go sweet and flowery all the way! And oh, let me introduce to you my new pair of skorts!  Got it from the local store, inspired by Zara…

Hope you like how I styled this pair of skorts and hope everyone’s safe out there after the storm!


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Top – GG5 / Skort – APM / Shoes – Payless Shoe Source / Hat – Gaisano / Bracelet – FB Online Shop

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