Dress Shop Sale!

Don’t you just love how time flies so fast? I’m not talking about getting old and having wrinkes, no no… I’m talking about December! You know, christmas parties, reunions, new year’s countdown, celebrations… And oh! Mr. Google also said December is one of the top months for weddings! I’m sure you are all excited as much as I am!

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Well, well… My psychic powers (yeah I got one! Haha!) is telling me that by now you are looking for something to wear on that special day. So today, I am thinking maybe I can take you to my Wonderland hoping you can find that perfect dress. Check out this Wonderland I am talking about and I promise you, you’ll gonna love it! Follow this link: http://www.dresshop.com.au and take your pick!

Here are a few of my favorite dresses from Dress Shop, scroll away and tell me if you love them like I do! 6This is a very romantic dress from front to back! You must click on this photo to see how it looks in front and you’ll fall in love by it’s simple elegance.

2 I love the gradient style and the soft feel on this dress and I am thinking, if my colleague will invite me to her wedding next month (hopefully she’s reading this! Hihi..) I will definitely wear this dress because it fits her motif!

3Now this cocktail dress is a real “head turner”! The golden vibe is perfect, and the look reminds me of Barbie, love it!

4So feminine and sweet! And look at those sleeves, aren’t the awesome?!

5Finally, an evening gown that’s sexy and showy! If you want to flaunt your curves, this one is the perfect dress for you!

Now tell me, aren’t these dresses gorgeous?! I know right? =) These are only a few of my favorites, check out these links below that I also personally pick for all of you!


They’re actually on sale right now and they ship anywhere in the world so better grab one of those stunning dresses before December!  And… You might want to email me photos of you wearing one of their gorgeous dresses, would really love to see how they look on you =)

♥, JL Arnaiz

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