Vintage Vibes

Last week I was posting about having turkey dinner, I just realized that Thanksgiving was just yesterday, my bad! Anyway, you know what they say about “dressing up according to your age?” Seems like something to argue about. So when exactly do I stop wearing mini skirts, tank tops, cropped trends and fashion shorts if I’m 28 now? Well, I think it’s more appropriate to wear according to the place and the occasion rather than dressing up according to your age, right? What do you think?

It’s not that I’m defensive about my look today, or maybe I am, hehe… But seriously, even if you’re in your fifties, if you can still rock the latest trends, then you’re good! Look at Mariah Carey, she still wears those plunging gowns and overexpose her aging cleavage, but she’s pulling the dress perfectly and she looks stunning as always! Age doesn’t really matter in fashion I guess…

Anyway, let’s go back to my post. I know I may have the wrinkles of the late twenties, but I still love those teenage- vintage vibes of high waist shorts and bows, and I still act like one! Haha! For those who enjoy dressing up like a teenager like me, then do check out more photos below…

2 3 4  6 7


8 9

Top – Forever 21 / Shorts – Forever 21 / Shoes – Suys / Head Bow – Gaisano

7 thoughts on “Vintage Vibes

  1. i say if it looks good on you and you’re comfortable with it, age doesn’t really matter. it’s actually a plus that as filos, we don’t look our age. coz if we did, i’m basically srewed. lol.

    and yes, that outfit looks good on you. =)

    1. thanks! i absolutely agree with you, wearing something that would make you look good is better than wearing something that would fit your age… now i wonder how old you are… hehe…

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