Winter White

Well, what are you up to this Friday the 13th? Any Jason and Freddie showing up yet? Kidding! As for me, I just had my tooth extracted today because it’s getting painful every single day and as of this writing, my mouth is still numb and my tooth is still bleeding =(  So I am a bit lazy this week to dress up because of my toothache, not to mention I am battered at work working 10 hours a day for almost a week now with a lot of bring home work loads. Urgh! Anyway, I am seeking comfort in this H & M sweater again and I paired it with my skater skirt, kept everything clean and plain in this cold afternoon when I took these shots.

Like I mentioned from my previous posts, black- and- white is my comfort zone, so pardon me if you find this post somewhat flat and boring, I’ll make it up next time by mixing up colors, but for now, I want to bring something uncomplicated and simple to help me feel easy and calm…


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Sweater – H & M / Skirt – Cotton On / Bag – 888 / Boots – Vintage / Hat – Penshoppe / Sunnies – Pacific Blue

4 thoughts on “Winter White

  1. I love comfty blouses! Aaand you never fail with black and white so you have my approval 🙂 Have you ever thought of a “signature”? I think if you had to choose a signature that fits you, it would be a pair of sunglasses 😀 I can already see like a clothing line signature, a drawn face without details wearing sunglasses 🙂 It’s hard to explain, I can visualize it in my mind, haha 😀

    1. i think i can picture what you mean, that would be a great idea and if only I am good with sketching, I would probably sketch myself with the clothes Im wearing or make a sketched logo of me wearing glasses and incorporate it with my website name =) nice idea though!

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