Ready For Prom?

I love how Christmas transforms our sleepy community into a city of bustling lights and street sides full of cute toys and lanterns you just can’t resist and go along with the frenzy crowd. So I gave in and join hoarding for Christmas Sale and guess what? I saw these pretty long dresses which remind me of that special time in our life that does magical transformation just like Christmas. D’you know what I’m thinking? You’ve probably guessed it by now with my very unsurprising title… It’s PROM!


Oh that one moment in life when the geek turns into a prom queen, say, Carrie! Or dancing with the guy of your dreams even if you dance like Rebecca Bloomwood, or just simply spending your night with this gorgeous guy in a gazebo pretending to be Bella and Edward. Haha! I know I watch a lot of movies but hey, you can’t blame me! I never experienced prom when I was in high school, and this may sound awkward but up until now, I still dream of that perfect dress, that first dance, and that Cinderella moment from my shabby uniform turned into a lovely gown… So as I go with my daydreaming, I came across this online website, that sells first class prom dressesand it makes me feel like I have missed one half of my life for having not experience prom! Scroll down and you’ll see what I mean…

abcWhether you are into pastels, or you want to achieve a glam look, or go sweet and easy with feminine colors, they have your every mood. Now who would want to skip prom if you wear such gorgeous gowns? Except of course when your guy is dating a different girl… Kidding! Well, prom is coming in a few months so better take your pick! And by the way, they also have a lot of gowns for different occasions like weddings, homecoming, pageants and more. Here are some of my favorites…

d fg

There are actually a lot more of these fabulous collections, so better check the website yourself… And you don’t need to worry about the fit because they can tailor fit the dress for you! You can even choose the color you want! And you know what else I love about them? They also deliver to over 200 countries! Yep! Btw, here’s something I found from this shop, they have this coupon code “xq10usdoff” that allows me to save $10! Great find right?

So whatever the occasion is, I hope you can find that gorgeous prom dress or other gowns for you! Keep posted for more fashion finds here in my blog and happy holidays everyone!

♥, JL Arnaiz

5 thoughts on “Ready For Prom?

  1. I think the neutral is the one I’d choose, hmm.. Anyway, I never experienced prom either as in my country we don’t have such thing as prom.. We have though this thing called ‘balul bobocilor’ where there are chosen from 4 to 10 girls and the same number of boys, they are put in pairs and they make this organized show in the theatre. Then, there’s an after-party which is just like a night out, nothing special. And then we have this party when we graduate, ‘banchet’, but we don’t have a queen, king, so on. It’s just a reunion-party ^^

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