Pit Senor everyone! This is my second year to miss such a wonderful celebration and right now, I can only imagine what it’s like to be there in Cebu with all the  happy crowd and the lovely feeling of festivity in every corner of the city…

Anyway, I thought January would be a bit warmer, I guess I’m wrong… =( Well now I’m starting to collect sweaters and jackets because it’s been weeks since I saw the sun and it’s been weeks as well since I arrived at work before my time. Hehe, the weather just makes me want to stay in bed longer… So anyway, blogging as usual! That’s rain or shine folks =)

Today I feel like I am going for some snow show! To visualize my sort- of winter look, I wear this thrifted gradient dress which reminds me of this four seasons juice in my table right now, this 4 year old Bunny jacket ( I would have preferred a white coat if I have one), a winter white cap, and my sister’s heels from Primadonna! I screw up my accessories a bit because I didn’t have the chance to see myself in the mirror =(


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Dress – Thrifted / Jacket – Bunny / Shoes – Primadonna / Bag – Online Shop / Hat – Collections Home

10 thoughts on “Gradient

  1. You should feel lucky, in Romania it started to snow constantly for the last 4 or 5 days, and there are -4°C .. pretty cold, huh? It feels like in North Pole, haha. Anyway, the dress is really nice, i love the ombre effect!

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