What’s Your Style?

Tis the season to dress up! Oh yeah! Valentine’s Day, prom days, ring hop, graduation ball, graduation day and the list goes on… And me? Okay… I know I am so over with high school drama and college stuff, and as much as I want to be on a ball right now, I guess I just have to wait for your invitation! Lol! So what’s in store for me these next few months? Well, I have a photo shoot for this month, a planned Singapore vacation next month hopefully, christening of baby Dylan, and an invitation to a beach wedding by April.

How about you? Looking forward for some big events? Well, this one’s for you. This post is for all of you who are looking for that perfect dress this prom season or on that red letter day and are still having trouble deciding what to wear. Here are some dress ideas for you to help you choose the look that would certainly define you and your mood.



I know I should have showed you this dress before Valentine’s Day, my bad! But if you’re in the game to be that sensual charming lady that’s just simply irresistible, then you should slip on this sexy dress!




Admit it, we all have that part in ourselves wishing we are Mia and our father is the Prince of Genova. Well, why not? We can always count on tulle dresses and long prom dresses to transform us into a beautiful princess and be that girl on the spotlight!



Feeling like you don’t know anyone and is afraid that you might be out of place among the crowd? Then be that party girl with this glam-rock sexy evening dress and show them your edgy but fun side!



Everyone loves a girl- next- door that is just kind and gentle. One perfect dress that would be perfect for you are pastels and pink dresses like this one beading prom dress! It gives you a delicate look that’s so sweet and pretty!



So you don’t feel like going sexy or smart ass or too good to be true or feel magical, then be that classy girl in this chiffon prom dress that is just simply stunning and beautiful.

Need more inspiration? Why not visit this awesome online dress shop www.victoriasdress.co.uk? They have the best prom dresses and evening gowns in the world and I just can’t help it but share them with you! They have everything from beaded to chiffon dresses, formal to sexy gowns, long and short prom dresses and even plus size gowns! They even customize the size and colors the way you want it.

So, ‘you ready for the dress up season? What’s your style? What dress defines you?

♥, JL Arnaiz

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