Touchdown: Changi Airport

Ni hao ma? Greetings from Changi Airport Singapore!!! (with fireworks!*) I am writing this post while waiting for my flight to Cebu today with my hubby before I lost myself in heavy motion discomfort in our 4 hour flight back to my hometown (Yes I have motion sickness, but screw it! For the sake of travel, I am ready to throw up just to get anywhere! Ewww! =)

 So what’s in for today? Well, let’s talk about traveling in style and comfort! One thing I love about flying is that you have all the reasons to get all wrapped up and wear coat and boots and layer stuffs even if you’re traveling in a country just above the equator! After all, it gets all so cold in the airplane and it’s quite a long flight…

So there you go…Having said my defenses, I guess I have all the excuse to wear these comfy stuffs in the airport! I’m talking about my sweater, my coat and this pair of boots… I wore this 4 days ago when we arrived in this lovely city of Merlion along with my jet lag face, doesn’t look like one right? Haha! =)


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Sweater – Thrifted / Coat – Azul / Pants – Glass / Boots – MY / Luggage – Champ / Bag – Queen Street / Zalora

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