Singapore Travel Journal

It’s another blogging Friday and this time, I am showing you how beautiful Singapore is, after all, it is named as the most expensive city in the world =) We haven’t been into a lot of places because it’s quite a short stay but we did capture some of the city’s interesting stuffs, and we did capture the FUN! So… Please take a scroll and enjoy the photos below!



They say the most photographed building in the world is Marina Bay Sands, who wouldn’t agree? Take a look at how proud it stands, it just looks so magnificent; and the place is just simply amazing! From the bay to which it’s facing, the Merlion statue just across the water, to the Singapore Flyer which is the biggest  I’ve seen so far, and well, of course, the Gardens By The Bay, it just makes me wow…

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No it’s not JUST for children, it’s a hard rock fun with a lot of crazy coaster rides like your life is gonna end with just one second! Okay, I am exaggerating, but really, it’s a scary kind of awesome fun! Transformers ride is best, The Mummy is also amazing, Intergalactica? No way! Even if you’re gonna pay me a hundred bucks, I will not ride on it (Wait… A thousand bucks maybe and I’ll consider risking my life on that  hell of a ride, lol!)

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Night Safari is another wonder. Imagine a place where all animals are in one place, uncaged (no, not the tigers), and you can basically touch them (I doubt if you dare, but try playing with the hyenas though or riding at the back of the hippo and we’ll see what happens, kidding!) Too bad I couldn’t get photos of the wild ones with my camera’s lights on during night time, otherwise, the glare might just tip those animals to give me the run of my life =)


It was indeed a wonderful experience and I thank God for all of it! For all the bucks spent and savings lost, I say it’s worth it!  Em gonna be uploading more photos in my Facebook so check on it tomorrow and please do  check back on my blog in the next couple of weeks for the simple details of what I wear while in Singapore…

♥, JL Arnaiz

10 thoughts on “Singapore Travel Journal

  1. Singapore looks so modern & futuristic! great pictures! Looks like your having a fun time! The night safari looked awesome also!
    Followed you on bloglovin!
    I’m new to blogging & hoping to make some friends… take a look:

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