Neutral Territory

Is it April already? Wow… Earth is rotating faster than I thought, don’t you think?

Today, I am not going to be very summery, no flashy outfits and flying colors or gaudy get up, just a little touch of “kwaresma” with this neutral brown and black ensemble this time.  There are some reasons that make me feel gloomy and sad these days aside from Holy Week, and one top reason is the burn in my face to my chest which happened just last week while I was cooking and hot oil splashed in front of me. Just please don’t tell me I am careless or I’m not a good cook, I’m fully aware of that since old stone age, lol! I do hope though these scars won’t last long so I can take photos again.

So yeah, these photos were taken before the “burn” drama I had in the kitchen last week. Now I am beginning to realize skin care is very important, and now I realized how Belo became very rich =)

      1a 2 3 4 6a 7 8 9

Top – Liberte / Pallazo Pants – Liberte / Shoes – Venus Wear / Bag – Vintage / Sunnies – Celine

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