Ombre In The City

I was earlier told it’s gonna be a gloomy day today because of the tropical depression coming on our way, but I guess it’s not happening just yet, or maybe it’s never gonna happen. I think it’s gonna be summer all the way!

So anyway, here are some outfit suggestions for a hot summer day that you can always count on to make you feel fresh and comfortable (or you can just refer to my photos and forget about reading, kidding! =)

1. White buttoned top is a must- have for every woman (don’t argue, that’s my opinion =), and it’s a good stuff to wear during summer because it’s light and soft and it’s white! There’s something about white that makes us feel breezy during warm days, don’t you think?

2. Wear Shorts. Whether it’s ombre or distressed or hipster, a pair of shorts always gives you more comfort during summer than pants.

3. Sandals give your feet space to breathe. Closed shoes make your feet sweaty and stuffy,  but if you want something relaxing, you can opt to wear something open- sandals or slippers, or peep toe would do.

And, don’t forget to moisturize, put on some sun block 30 minutes before going out to the  sun, or before exposing yourself to heat (like when you want to cook or something), it’s a new learning for me after my burns 2 weeks ago, and it’s really helpful!


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Top – GG5 / Shorts –  Gap @ Sistarbucks  / Shoes – Payless Shoe Source  / Accessories – Collection’s Home

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