Floral Overdose

Do you like my new header on top? Thanks Eileen for the wonderful suggestion to make my header a bit more interesting! =) Anyway, they say April showers bring forth May flowers, well I guess I’m ahead of schedule because  I am already blooming with this floral ensemble today! Cheers to summer and the blooming and the heat!

So, what do we got here? A cute pair of floral chunky heels and my white sunnies all from Zalora (by the way, check out the right side of my blog, there’s a little coupon code that you can use to get 15% off on your first purchase ). And ah! My little floral orange dress! Here’s a little trick you might learn from this outfit: To get a full skirt effect, wear something beneath, like an underskirt or something flaring, just like what I did with this rather flat dress…. Yes, I am wearing a short skater skirt underneath this dress and it totally gives the volume that I want to achieve, see what I mean? Or if you have that magic tulle, the better! =)

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Dress – GG5 / Wedges – Scarlet @ Zalora / Sunnies – Embellish @ Zalora / Belt – Vintage

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