The Sun Stood Still

Feels like sun is standing still and my days are so long nowadays. A lot of things are messing up my mind right now and I wished for a minute I can bury my feet into the white sands and smell the sea and enjoy summer as it is. Well, I guess I’m still enjoying the sun right now, but in seafoam and tweeded boucle perspective that is…

So here I am soaking in the heat of the sun with my lovely thrifted boucle ( ah yes it is thrifted and I got it for only P 75 pesos, precious! ). Kept everything monochromatic with my  green top and bag and my overused ripped jeans and a pop of red in my feet. You see, wearing green or pastels is one way to keep your cool on a summer working day =)


b c d e f g h

Top – Xpress / Jeans – Crissa Jeans / Blazer – Thrifted / Shoes – Ferretti / Bag – Nine West /Belt – SM Accessories / Necklace – GG5

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