Orange County

I love it when it rains because I have the excuse to wear coat and stay wrapped up just like what I am wearing right now =) Yes, summer here is not all “sun” for the past 2 days, but I wish rainy days won’t stay for long because finally, for the first in time in forever, okay, in 2 years, I will be able to smell the beach by next week, wohooo!

So anyway, right now I am in a color block mode with my blue themed look in contrast to the orange background. I am also debuting my Rusty Lopez bag given to me by one of my guests in the hotel last year when she took me for a shopping spree and told me to pick anything I want. Now, if all my guests are like her, you bet I will be the oldest front liner in the history =)


22 33 44 55 7766 99

Top – China Mart / Pants – Glass / Coat – Thrifted / Boots – MY / Bag – Rusty Lopez / Necklace – Metro Accessories / Bracelet – Vintage

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