Online Shopping Tips

Are you a big online shopper? I am not, but I do shop online when I have enough credit in my paypal account… My first online shopping experience was horrible. That kind of thing that looks so good in the photos only to find out that it’s not even close to what it really looks like. I still shop online though, but this time, I choose where to shop.

Today let me share with you some tips that I consider when shopping online:


Don’t just settle with the photos because they are editted (for most), check further on the details like the color, material, size and other relevant information you need to know about the item. For example this shoes that I got from Zalora, it mentions about the color, heels design, materials used, and photos from every angle of the shoes. Now if you can’t find any product information, then buy at your own risk.



Shipping “within 24 hours” tag is mostly not true,  and the painful part is, it costs almost five folds when you are in a hurry. Just like this dress from Rose Wholesale. Ordered it 2 weeks ago with a note “ships in 24 hours”, but they shipped it just last weekend. The dress is only P $ 8 but I paid an extra $17 for expedited shipping and $ 14 for taxes and duties. Can you believe I spent $ 31 for shipping an $ 8 dress?! So I suggest if you have a special occasion to attend to IN A MONTH OR LESS, do not shop online, I repeat, DO NOT shop online…

white dress


Read and learn what’s fake and what’s real. A friend of my friend claimed to  be a victim on a certain seller in Ebay before, she paid but did not get the item. I also played it safe one time by paying upon meet up, but she did not show up, nor did she answer my calls. Well I still think her business is legit, but sometimes, we also have to consider the profession-ability and credibility of the shop before we do business, right? Mostly, I visit online shops like Lazada, Rose Wholesale, Sheinside, Romwe, East Clothes, Sammy Dress and of course, Zalora.



You don’t need to be shopaholic to tell if something is really overpriced or a counterfeit… Look at these sunnies, you know an average pair of sunglasses is worth Php 300 – 800 (forget Ray Ban and Jimmy Choo sunnies). So when I saw these sunglasses for Php 399 (which was on sale by the time I placed it on my cart), I know it’s just worth it.  And oh! watch out for pre-sales, holiday promos, discounts on a certain period of hours, or free shipping options!



Well, online shops have size charts to help you choose your fit, but sometimes, it tells you”one size” only. And it’s confusing when you are to choose based on whether UK size, or US or Australian category. So make sure you really know your numbers, otherwise, you check on the model’s fit and compare it to your size. Take this Tulip skirt from Apartment 8, it mentions about the model wearing a small sized skirt because her waist is about 24″, right then I know “small” would fit me just perfect because I have about (near enough) the same waist line with their model.


And lastly, SHARE to the world, blog it, or tell your friends, or post it in facebook if you’re happy with your shopping experience. It helps! After my first online purchase screwed up, I stopped shopping on the net for a while. But when a friend shared to me some pretty good websites, I found out that it’s really not that bad…

How about you? Any online shopping tips you want to share?

♥, JL Arnaiz

7 thoughts on “Online Shopping Tips

  1. hmm, I’ve never had trouble with online shopping, nothing other than if you buy on ebay it takes around f-ing 40 days to get the product. That’s the only disappointment I had. However, I don’t really buy online clothes, nor shoes, because I’m never certain about my size, as there is Romanian size, American size, Chinese size and so on. If you’re looking for make-up, however, I recomment MakeUpGeek. I will write a post on beauty products when I’ll get the chance 😀

      1. well, I guess it just takes a lot of practice. Being a make-up artist is definitely not for everybody but an evedyday make-up look can be done by anybody, so don’t quit ^^

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