The Last Of Summer

While they were having the Philippine Fashion Week last week, I was out in the sun trying to reminisce the feel of sands on my toes =) Ah yes, finally! I got the chance to spend summer as it is and get a little tan. Heck I know… I am no Adrianna Lima, but I embrace my imperfection and I work with my flaws. It’s not that I’m being defensive but… Screw Victoria Secret for showing us what a woman’s body should be like!

So for those who have a round bod like me, high waist bikini  is always preferable.  Take this trendy pin up suit (granny undies as what my husband calls it), the bottom prints create a little distraction to my rather curve-less trunk… And it’s high waist! It hides the very thing I want to hide. Now, if high waisted piece won’t work, then play it safe with one  piece =)



Sunnies – Embellish at / Swim Wear – 888  / Hair – Vidal Sassoon

5 thoughts on “The Last Of Summer

  1. I like what you said about VS, haha 🙂 Do you have any idea where can I get low-cost swimsuits with low-cost/free and fast shipping? haha, I’m expecting too much from a clothes website!!!

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