Neoprene And More

Floral head piece, lace top, and neoprene skirt (or the scuba skirt as they call it)… Add a nude scarf and pumps and that’s exactly what I have right now – a little bit of everything fresh from the brick kiln! Oh yeah, I’m making a fashion pottery post today =)

I don’t know how it started, but neoprene just sprouted like mushrooms  and a Vera Wang scuba skirt just got a hook on me since I saw it online. Yes I’m talking about this skirt I am wearing today, but no, this is not from Vera Wang’s collection (like I could afford one, hehe…) This is a perfect replica of Wang’s neoprene skirt which I got online and I love it because it feels so comfy and it’s naturally flaring! I find it too skimpy though, nonetheless it looks good with my lace top and my floral headpiece and it makes me feel so feminine and dainty today =)

 3 41


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Top – Sheinside / Skirt – Sammy Dress / Shoes – Vintage / Scarf – SM Accessories / Belt – Forever21 / Floral Headband – DYI / Bracelet – Vintage

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