Lazy In Varsity

Well well well… How’s school so far? I bet it’s still cool because it just started. Oh honestly, going back to school is the last thing I have in  mind. Like seriously, who would want to go back finding x or y or z or solving the mysteries of sine and cosine? Oh those nightmare days! But it’s not that bad really, after all, it was those years we learned about friendship and betrayal, success and failures, and love, probably.

Anyway, right now, I don’t feel like really dressing up, I get so lazy in a cloudy with a chance of rainballs kind of day,  so I just slipped this varsity jacket without any undergarments and paired it with my vintage jeggings and my sneakers. It’s a comfortable outfit when the weather is just gloomy and you just have to go out a bit to grab some food because you’re tired to cook or you don’t have stocks in the fridge and you bring a backpack with you so you can take home your dinner.. hehe…



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Jacket – G5 and Company  / Pants – Vintage / Shoes – Faux Converse / Bag – Kipling

3 thoughts on “Lazy In Varsity

  1. haha, in Romania, school just finished. The summer holiday just started, and we are free since the 21 of June untin 15th September which is pretty awesome 😀 How come that in Philippines school just started?

    1. wow! good to know that on the other side of this world, it’s the end of school year! June is always the start of school here because our summer here falls on April and May… There were some suggestions to move it from June to September but I guess culture is something that’s very hard to change

      1. hmm, I didn’t know that. Well, I don’t know much about the weather in Phillippines but I know that a few Asian countries have only 2 seasons. Well, in Romania we have (or maybe USED TO HAVE) 4 seasons, winter, spring, summer and autumn. And summer starts in June and lasts until September. September is like a transition month from summer to autumn.. But yeah, with the global warming, we kind of just have summer and winter. It’s summer and you’re chilling out, and then you wake up one morning on September that the whole country is covered by snow. Same happens with the winter-summer transition.. When you experience such weather conditions, I swear, you think it’s the end of the world, haha ..

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