What’s Inside My Bag

Some prefer big bags where they can put all their stuffs inside and all their paper works that has to be done the next  day. Others prefer clutch and keep it small and less fuzzy. I prefer handbags with a sling so anytime I feel like it’s  getting heavier every minute, I can wear it cross body way. So,what’s inside my bag? Here they are…



When I say cosmetics, it usually includes lipstick, and lipstick and lipstick, a lip gloss, mascara and an eyeliner which I forgot to include in the photo. I usually bring 3 shades of lipstick – red, pink and orange.


I always have bad hair day so I make sure I have a comb ready in my bag.


Anybody out there who doesn’t tag their cellphones with them anywhere they go? It’s like clothes, you feel so naked without it. I guess Maslow needs to revise his  hierarchy of needs and include cellphones… and wifi , lol!


This 3 year old Kenneth Cole wallet will always be in my bag until it’s worn… and torn.


In a tropical country where taxi is a luxury, one needs sunnies for jeepney moments or for walking marathon when you can’t even get an extension seat in the PUV, hihi…

House Keys

I’m sane enough not to leave the doors unlock while me  and my hubby are out for work =)


I don’t usually use perfume because it makes my nose itchy and the smell suffocates me, but I still have this Victoria Secret perfume in bag just in case I bumped into Kim Soo-hyun or Zach Efron you know.

So, there you go, my staples everywhere I go , plus an umbrella during these rainy days. How about you? Care to share what’s in your bag? Unless you bring with you gold bars and millions, then keep it to yourself please, lol =)

♥, JL Arnaiz

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