Business Casual

I’m running out of words to say honestly.. hehe.. Can I just, like, post photos without saying something? Seriously, like, do you expect me discuss this sunny weather again after series of rain? Or say something about these really mean people around me driving me nuts lately? Or make up some stories on why I am wearing this or that? I know I am supposed to describe my OOTD just like any other fashion blog in the world, but then again, I feel like I just have to say something more you know…

Anyway, thanks for reading all those nonsense stuffs above, lol =) If you ask me to wear some “business casual” thingy, this is definitely what you’ll see me wearing – a pair of shorts and a blazer. I love the contrast of a shredded bottom and a corporate top like this one. Well, it’s certainly not something I can wear for a job interview or a company meeting (I wish I could), but it’s usually what I wear when I am out for lunch with friends or family.





5 7 10

Top – G5 & Co / Blazer – Li Jia / Shorts – AKL / Shoes – Element / Bag – Kosas Botique / Necklace – Gaisano Accessories

5 thoughts on “Business Casual

  1. Isn’t it ironic that you can’t wear a ‘business casual’ outfit during anything related to business? Anyway, I love the outfit, although I don’t think I could wear high heels during the day. High heels break my legs even when I wear them at nighttime, haha.

    1. I don’t usually wear high heels either, I have them as collection and for photoshoot only, believe me, I only use 2 pairs of shoes whenever I go out – one black loafer shoes and 1 pair of gold sandals… =)

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