I am so glad it’s weekend, what a relief! Oh yeah, you can tell I have a really tough week and Fridays are my promising salvation to turn things around. So anyway, Friday is my blogging day as well, so, I’m here for my attendance =)

Today, I’m in biker’s jacket again (and most definitely you’ll see more of it in the next few months still), paired with a brocade skirt from Pink Elephant, and my shoes from, of course, Payless Shoesource! I understand that brocade fashion is something from 2 years ago or so (though historically speaking,  it started probably hundreds of years ago, talking about Renaissance), still I didn’t get the chance to wear this golden skirt until now because as you might have noticed, it’s a bit skimpy for a reserved person like me (ahem!). Thanks to the stormy weather, I finally got the chance to wear it in this scary corridor away from vicious crowd outside. Well, you might want to wait for my garage sale this year end, this will definitely show up on my list =)


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Biker Jacket – Salad / Skirt – Pink Elephant / Shoes – Payless ShoeSource / Bag – Accessorize

9 thoughts on “Brocade

  1. You look stunning in the brocade skirt and we love how you’ve styled it with the moto jacket and fabulous heels. Seriously, Payless? We’ve been missing out. Have a great rest of the week, doll.

    XOXO Nensi and Natasha

    1. Hi! My clothes and other items in this blog are not for sale YET… you can check Pink Elephant Store for the skirt and Payless for the shoes… thanks for dropping by =)

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