Tea Time, Again…

Finally I can get online after almost a week! Yes, my internet connection at home s*cks big time I was not able to access WordPress for almost 7 days. Anyway, I’m super grateful I’m back online now.

So I am a hard “milk tea” drinker, guilty your honor! I think it’s way better that being sober partying all night and sick all day, lol! That’s my personal preference as I don’t do well with alcohol and liquors. Tea Houses areΒ  becoming so cozy and stylish and relaxing nowadays. Now if you’re from Cebu, I bet you would totally agree with me (no,I’m not doing a milk tea endorsement here =). SoΒ  yeah, I guess you know where I’m at right now – SereneTea! I was the earliest among the early bird so I can have these photos taken without being distraught by the thought that people are watching me doing these photos, I believe that’s a common problem for those who do fashion blog like me, unless of course if they’re famous.

Well I’m in flying colors right now, from my emerald Express top, to my deep purple vintage palazzos, my bronze heels and red bag, and yellow nails, and some touches of gold. If you’re some classy French, these colors might be a bit obnoxious to you, but then again, color blocking is just something IΒ can’t get rid off in just a wink =)

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Top – Express / Pants – GG5 / Heels – Vintage / Bag – HowRU / Necklace – Gaisano / Belt – SM Accesories

6 thoughts on “Tea Time, Again…

  1. The purple and green combination is fantastic! I love the gold accent with the belt. The heels are great and the addition of the gold with them is just a perfect idea. Good job and enjoy the tea! πŸ˜‰

  2. this outfit looks so great on you! I can’t imagine myself wearing these colors together, I guess it’s just out of my comfort zone, but it definitely looks great on you πŸ™‚

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