Black And White

They say there is only one real color in this world, and that is white. If you take out some components of white, or like, put it in some sort of a prism to break it down, it is when you will be able to see other shades, and mixtures of one shade with another create different more shades. I don’t know if it’s scientific or not, however, one thing is certain, the absence of color ,or white, is black. The idea, whoever made it up, that white is the  only real color still struck me, it amazes me more that it’s the  same theory with hot and cold, light and dark and good and evil.

I guess that’s probably why black and white is the ultimate color block  combo, because it’s the complete opposite of each other, or should I say,the complete absence of  the other.

Oh I just love things that are challenging and thought provoking! Hehe… Anyway,  The plan for today’s look is to go all white, obviously, I failed. I can’t help it, I always end up with black and white combo. These colors, after all, are my comfort zone, and that’s how you usually see me  when I’m not facing the camera – except that I don’t actually wear cropped tops or socks under my shoes. And grrr… I hate my hair today, I had it bunned the whole day at work before having these photos taken =(

2 3 4






Top – Mart of China / Shorts – Faux Zara / Shoes – MY / Jacket – Thrifted / Sunnies –SM Accessories

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