The Ship Has Set Sail

The ship has docked and now it’s  ready to sail for another year after 2 years of voyage! I am talking about my little Vainyard that is about to turn 2 years old next week! Now isn’t it fast? I know right! It seems like yesterday I got married, and then I started  blogging out of my fashion frustration when I was a little kid and could not even afford to buy a dress during graduation, and then I moved to a new place across the sea and live with my husband, get a new job, learn new language and stuffs like that… A lot of things has changed, but still my little Vainyard is still up and blabbing, I mean bugging, I mean blogging =) Please give me a hand shake, or a like, it’s the least I deserve, haha!

I’m thinking of giving some giveaways next week on my 2nd year, however, I’m on a tight budget right now, and my photographer, aka husband, gets a day off once every 2 or 3 weeks, and when he takes his very precious day off, he wants to spend it playing online games rather than taking photos. Believe me, it’s one of the saddest story of a fashion blogger aside from a rainy weather and a broken camera, lol… Anyway, let’s get  into the theme today- sailor and sea and sailing. So what other perfect combination for a sailor than blue (or navy) and red? And where else would be perfect for a sailor look than to be near the sea or in a bay like this? Please go ahead and check these photos =)


2 3 4 5 7  10


Top – 168 / Skirt – Thrifted / Bag – Kosas Botique / Shoes – Payless Shoe Source

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