Sweet Child Of Mine

It’s time to close the curtains for August and look forward to Christmas Season! Oh yes, September marks the start of the chilly winds and colorful lights and funny lanterns hanging in almost every houses here. I don’t know, but whenever I talk about Christmas, a certain kind of sadness overwhelms my emotions I have to remind myself what the season is truly all about to make that eery feeling go away. Anyway, I am now blogging all the way from Cebu! I just got here yesterday to make some really important life decisions.

So…What do we got here? Okay, I was trying to recreate a festival sort of boho look today with my floral crowns and braided head band altogether, my lace top and this cute studded denim, and my ankle boots. Like honestly, if we have Coachella in the Philippines,I would wear this exact- same look to the festival, or maybe an additional kimono would be better =)




c d e f g h

6 thoughts on “Sweet Child Of Mine

  1. Love it! Regarding to what you said, it’s like there’s summer and than Christmas, I swear it’s like September, October and November don’t even exist, haaha. Annual events: Easter, summer, Christmas :)))

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