Extra Terrestrial

Let’s bid September an extra terrestrial goodbye with the rising of this galaxy skirt from the deepest corners of my closet. So… How’s your September so far? I hope it’s an awesome month for you as it is for me! I could be a little bias here because it’s my birthday month, and for my husband as well, but really, this month is just full of blessings and surprises and I couldn’t be more grateful in my life!

So as I kiss September goodbye, I decided to go edgy and dark and sweet… I wish I could show you more about my look today, but some things are just bound to fail. Like? My hair… I “colored chalk” my hair with green, but can you see a single hint of color in it? Nada=( A slimy highlight would have been cute, I guess this is a lesson learned that chalks only work on blackboards and not in the hair, lol! But I think I did a good job though pairing this cute H & M “NYC Never Sleeps” shirt and my vintage galaxy skirt… And next time when I get to wear this shirt again, I would show you the magnificent side view of this low cut sleeve top =)


2b 3a 4a


7a5a 8a

 Top – Divided by H & M / Skirt – Vintage / Vest – H & M / Shoes – MY / Sunglasses – Ziya / Watch – Singapore Chinatown

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