Friday The 31st

You can’t expect me  to show up in a vampire look today, or a witch or something scary like everybody expects everybody to be… Because I just don’t do those stuffs… Happy Halloween anyway! So, it’s not Friday the 13th but it feels like one because it’s Nov 1 Mardi Gras , and I think the safest way to show that I’m up for Trick or Treat is to wear an all black ensemble, just like this one.

Seriously, I was not expecting to wear something hippie and dark to sip a glass of champagne today, but I did anyway.  I wore this cropped top that I never wore in ages (trust me, it takes guts to wear cropped tops in public, at least for me), paired with my vintage palazzo pants from Liberte, and my new favorite, my H & M long vest. Oh yes, it’s my new favorite because I can pair it with just about anything I have in the closet and it amazingly gives boho vibes to whatever I feel like wearing. So c’mon, let’s go grab some wine before we hit the cemetery! Haha! Have a fun holiday everyone and enjoy the scares! Awoooo! =)


12 5 4 678

Top – Kurt N Krish / Palazzo Pants – Liberte / Long Vest – H & M / Boots – MY / Hat – Penshoppe / Necklace – Vintage

4 thoughts on “Friday The 31st

  1. Looking stellar for October 31 festivities. We’re drooling over your fabulous outfit of choice. That vest and hat totally give your outfit the boho chic vibe. Love Love Love it all!

    XOXO Nensi & Natasha

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