Bonjour! Allez vous? Parlez vous francais? Ahemmm… How’s  my french? Haha! If you could hear me right now you would probably be laughing at me, or probably not, probably you’re just like me who sounds funny in French, c’mon admit it! Lol! So, what’s with all these french stuffs? Well, I just love how this  flappy straw hat  gives me  this French feeling, I feel like “mademoiselle” of some sort =)

Anyway, I think my look for today is one classy act,  thanks to the  hat that adds major factor of sophistication to this simple LBD, and to my little  carry- on bag which bears the brand “Parisian”, and to my peep toe shoes I kept in my closet for years I didn’t realize it was already chipped off (I’m too embarrassed to mention it, heck, what did I just wrote?! =)

So I guess it makes sense why I thought of something french when I first saw these photos of me, after all, Europeans in general have very classy taste and are oozing with elegance on basic and minimal looks, speaking of some British kind of… Nevermind… I’m not talking about David Beckham, really, I’m not…



3a 4a 5a 6a7a 8a 9a


Dress – Love21 / Shoes – Figlia / Bag – Parisian / Hat – Kultura / Sunnies – Ziya

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