Did you notice for the past 3 posts  I always wear sunnies? I agree that I have the most  beautiful eyes (my mom told me! =) but I can’t help it, I feel more beautiful with my sunnies on, no arguments  please :p . And oh, I didn’t notice this but they said my favorite words are: actually and anyway, now if you’re following me, you might just agree, haha!

Anyway (here comes the most abused word again), I’m up for my Thursday blog today (no-no, not Friday anymore), and this time, I’m all black. Yes, black like BLACK, wait… Didn’t they mention that “Orange Is The New Black?” Now we’re on the same page =) This salmon structured playsuit, or romper, or short suit, whatever they call it, is finally out of the water. I keep the look simple and low key with all black (real black now) head tie, sunnies, bag and heels so this amazing to- go playsuit will surely stand out.



3a 4a 5b

2a 6b 7a 9a


Play Suit – Stella (Robinsons Department Store) / Shoes – S & H / Bag – G5 & Co / Head Band – DIY / Sunnies – Celine / Necklace – Collector’s Home

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