Down The 10th Dove Street

Down the 10th Dove Street I was having a quick photo shoot with my sister with my cropped top and another midi skirt paired with my adorable loafers… And of course, we had some light meals after that; after all, their crews were really nice and supportive with my whimsy scene and it would really be a shame to just stay outside the door and not taste their yummy sandwiches.

So… Long week huh! With the highly anticipated storm and everyone panicking, work and classes suspended, groceries running out of canned goods – it’s a comical tragedy that all of us fell victim to, but frankly, thank God it was not as lethal as we expected to, otherwise I wouldn’t have a time to blog today or have these photos taken =)

Well, here’s an all black ensemble for today with another pair of sunnies for the 4th consecutive time. Thank you 10th Dove Street resto for sparing your facade in a couple of minutes for my little folly =)



4 3 6 7 8

Top – GTW by The SM Store / Skirt – Thrifted / Loafers – MY / Sunglasses – Embellish at Zalora / Watch – Dior / Earrings – Kosas Botique

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